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Medical and Radiation Physics, Inc.

Medical and Radiation Physics, Inc. is a full service Medical Physics consulting company founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1979. We provide radiation safety and medical physics services to hospitals, imaging centers, physician offices, and radiation oncology centers.​Our services are provided under the direction of experienced, professionally licensed (Texas), medical physicists. We provide services in Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Shielding Design, Health Physics, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Safety. Please refer to the "services" page for more details. ​The mission at MARP is to provide quality services to all of our clients to ensure the safe use of equipment and to help each facility provide the best care possible to their patients.

About Medical Physics

Medical Physics is the application of physics in medicine and healthcare. Medical Physicists aim to provide a safe environment for the use of ionizing radiation as well as the application of other physical principles (e.g. MRI) and can have specialties in Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, and/or Health Physics. 

As a consulting physics group, the Medical Physicists at MARP provide services in a wide variety of clinical environments, ranging from large hospitals to smaller pain clinics.  


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