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Program Faculty

The program faculty of the MARP Imaging Physics Residency are committed to ensuring quality training for each resident. Each faculty member is regularly available to the residents for questions, instruction, and assistance.

Dr. Goff is the Residency Program Director as well as the mentor for the Radiography and Informatics clinical rotations.

Dr. Keener is a Chief Imaging Physicist at MARP and serves as the mentor for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Nuclear Medicine clinical rotations. 

Olivia is the Assistant program director and serves as the mentor for the Computed Tomography and Mammography rotations.

Dr. Page serves as the mentor for the Fluoroscopy (including interventional and angiography) and Ultrasound clinical rotations. 

Dr. Leuschen is a Diagnostic Radiologist at the VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX and serves on the steering committee of the MARP Imaging Physics Residency. 

Mr. Dominguez is a clinical physicist at MARP specializing in radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging, and assists in training residents in various radiographic equipment types. 

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