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MARP is currently staffed with ten fully licensed (Texas) Medical Physicists providing services in Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Shielding Design, Health Physics, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Safety. Please refer to the page designated for your service of interest for more details. 

MARP provides a broad range of services in each of these fields by highly qualified professionals. The Physicists at MARP provide quality work and are readily available to our clients for any questions or assistance they may need. 

The Physicists at MARP provide highly technical expertise in all imaging modalities, radiation therapy treatment procedures, and nuclear medicine applications. We also assist with ensuring that each of our clients has met and maintains the requirements necessary for the specific accrediting body they have chosen. Our physicists are readily available for any accreditation question or need that a client may have. 

Medical and Radiation Physics, Inc. provides additional services including:

  • Specialized equipment/apparatus design

  • Planning and conducting educational and training services

  • Providing consultations in facilities design and layout

  • Radiation shielding design and specification

  • Other services in areas of professional expertise 

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