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Application Process

The MARP Residency program will accept one resident per year on a competitive basis. Applications will be accepted 11/1/2023 – 12/31/2023. Applicants must have graduated from a CAMPEP-accredited graduate or certificate program. Masters and Ph.D. candidates will be considered. 

Applications will follow the AAPM Medical Physics Residency Application Process (MP-RAP) format. Each applicant should submit:

  • Person information (name, address, contact information)

  • ABR certification status

  • Disclosure of criminal behavior, academic violations, and/or licensure actions

  • Employment history

  • Military service history (if applicable)

  • Education (undergraduate and graduate)

  • Names of 3 references (including one from current advisor or department head)

  • Personal statement

  • Uploaded CV

  • Transcripts and a copy of TOEFL results

This information can also be found on the MP-RAP website:

Applications should be submitted by email to:

Applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. Highly-rated applicants will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be conducted in January or early February each year and will have remote and in-person options available.


MARP will select a candidate to offer a residency position after interviews have been conducted. The selected candidate will receive an offer letter from MARP for the position. Our intention is to complete the selection process and make an offer by mid-February.

Once a candidate has agreed to accept the position, the following documents will be required:

       Personal background check - conducted at MARP's expense.

       Copy of Temporary Medical Physics license within 90 days of entering the program. Note that 

          the candidate is responsible for completing the application for the TMP license and providing

          the necessary documentation. (The MARP faculty and administrative staff will assist in this

          process. Residents will have their license fees reimbursed.)

       Agreement that MARP's database or other confidential software products will not be taken /       

          used / copied after completion of the residency.

       MARP does not require non-compete agreements for its Residents.

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